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Arna Miller

Too Intense

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We all know (or are) that guy.

We got the idea to make t-shirts of this design after seeing Axl Rose wearing a bootleg version during his performance.

The Strike Your Fancy Series was created in collaboration with Ravi Zupa.


About the Drunk Cats series:

This series features cats drinking at the bar, and the good, embarrassing and confusing situations we have all found ourselves in.


The style is inspired by vintage matchboxes and Russian and Chinese propaganda posters.

The original title was "Strike Your Fancy." It was a project that I did in collaboration with Ravi Zupa in 2018 for an art show in Denver. We designed, drew and hand printed the images on matchboxes, and I made little frames for them. I posted the images on instagram, and the design blog This Is Colossal featured them, which opened the door for people to discover this series.

It has been the most popular series I have ever created, and since then we created the poster series; and The Portland Stamp Co found me and created one of the most popular items on the site, the stamp sheets. Many people have printed bootleg designs on shirts, and many people have gotten tattoos of the series.